Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Radios bicycle lamps

I've only been able to find a little bit about these lamps.  I have a Radios No. 18 head lamp. Its reflector is slightly splotchy and tarnished and there is a little dent at the point.  They are a pretty and classic example of the streamlined bullet style of the era with a little Art Deco flare on the spring loaded lens release.   A recent auction on Ebay France turned up a couple of really nice specimens.   Unfortunately, somebody else wanted them more badly than I did.   Photos are from the seller.

They seem to be going up in price with some NOS examples going for over $100.  Someday I'd like to get a nicer No. 18 like the one pictured here, with what looks like a spotless and well-preserved reflector.  The fender-mounted tail lamp is also very beautiful:

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